Graphic Designer

Bio  .  BFA in visual communication majoring in graphic design, I am passionate about seeing the world from a graphic perspective. I am highly analytical and love typography and very motivated to constantly learn and expand my creative process.

What I Do   .  Typography helped me understand design from a practical point of view.
  My style involves a sense of chance, play, and experimentation. The method I impliment, are the four stages of creative thinking: reasearch, incubation, inspiration, and validation.

My Philosophy  .  “Graphic Design is frozen animation”. Music & art helped me understand who I am internally before manifesting to the world. I tend to simplify my approaches towards complex ideas. My art has different flavours depending on what I design for. it’s a cocktail of ideas and executions I like to play with to get new and satisfying results. My experimentations concentrates on Chance: something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause.