Nicolas Korek

[Provisional RGD]

Graphic Designer

416 837 0041


    BFA in visual communication majoring in graphic design, I am passionate about seeing the world from a graphic perspective. I am highly analytical and love typography and very motivated to constantly learn and expand my creative process.

What I Do

    I’m a creative graphic designer with a BFA in visual communication and a graduate of the American University in Dubai.
    Typography helped me understand design from a practical point of view.
    My style involves a sense of chance, play, and experimentation. Method The four stages of creative thinking I use to complete projects are reasearch, incubation, inspiration, and validation.

My Philosophy

    Music & art helped me understand who I am internally before bringing art out to the world. Combing my graphic design skills I tend to simplify my approaches towards complex ideas. My art has different flavours depending on who I design for. it’s a cocktail of ideas and executions I like to play with to get new and satisfying results. Chance: something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause.


THE ORB I like is not the one
That dazzles with its lightning gleam;
That dares to look upon the sun,
As though it challenged brighter beam.
That orb may sparkle, flash, and roll;
Its fire may blaze, its shaft may fly;
But not for me: I prize the soul
That slumbers in a quiet eye.

Image by Jules Faure
There ‘s something in its placid shade
That tells of calm, unworldly thought;
Hope may be crown’d, or joy delay’d—
No dimness steals, no ray is caught.
Its pensive language seems to say,
“I know that I must close and die;”
And death itself, come when it may,
Can hardly change the quiet eye.

Images by Niklas Bergstrand, Véra Ada



There ‘s meaning in its steady glance,
Of gentle blame or praising love,
That makes me tremble to advance
A word, that meaning might reprove.
The haughty threat, the fiery look,
My spirit proudly can defy,
But never yet could meet and brook
The upbraiding of a quiet eye.

Images by Wataru Suzuki, Nick Hudson, The Collaborationist